The KOCA has an inspiring and expansive collection of life and industry experience.

We are fortunate to have a number of KOCA "old boys" who have kindly volunteered to provide mentoring or support and guidance to their fellow KOCA members. Whether it is industry specific or life in general, if you feel like this could be beneficial to you please contact us and let us know. We will match you up with an "old boy" and you can arrange to catch up at a suitable time. 

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If you would like to volunteer to be a mentor please contact us and give us your details. As you know, the KOCA represents a broad variety of men all at different stages of life, career and family. All volunteers are appreciated.

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We can help you track down your fellow Kingsmen!  

While our database is not complete, we can still try to help you. Let us know who would like to find and what years they were at King's. 

You can use our enquiry form below, just make sure you include your updated contact details as well.

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COOPER FOOTE SOCIETY - Networking for KOCA Legal Industry Professionals

An initiative of the KOCA, the society is proudly named after two distinguished Old Collegians, Justice Richard Ellard Cooper and Mr Stewart Clarence Foote. Its objective is to provide a forum for lawyers, judges and current King’s College law students to meet and network for their mutual benefit.

Since 1912, King’s College has produced graduates who have become solicitors, barristers and judges, specialising in many different areas of the law and practising in various jurisdictions. Building on that strong foundation, the KOCA is convinced that the Cooper Foote Society can help King’s College become the envy of Colleges throughout Australia by continuing to produce law graduates of the highest quality.

The KOCA hopes that, with the assistance of its members, King’s College will become the first port of call when the legal profession is looking for graduate clerks and the College where every aspiring lawyer wishes to study.

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If you are looking for a supplier, business partner, recruitment or job opportunity you should check out the KOCA network first. Our LinkedIn page already has over 100 members representing different industries from around the globe.

Join our LinkedIn page, we are open to KOCA members only and encourage sharing and promoting your business opportunities.

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KOCA AGM: Change of Date : Friday 25 August 2017, Level 16 Riperion Plaza, Eagle St. Brisbane. Starting from 5:30pm
KOCA Annual Social Event: Sat 2rd Sept 2017. Drinks and Canapés during the Kings vs Leos Rugby competing for the Francs Kassulke Cup, UQ Rugby Club from early afternoon (kick off time tba) followed by the King's College 105th Anniversary Ball 2 Sept. 

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